In 1996 Martin and me stepped out of a plane in Pakistan without any preparation nor imagination what could possibly await us. It was the first time out of Europe, out of the known world, out of our comfort zone.

This situation left us only with two choices: to step back into the plane or to take the challenge. In that momemt our dreams have broken the boundries of our fear and we decided to stay. This decision changed our lifes. Since then I have traveled more than 10 million kilometers and visited more than 150 countries on all continents.

The more I have seen, the more I long for what I haven´t seen. Traveling means coming to a crossroad, deciding which direction to follow. For each road I choose to take, there are many left behind. Therefore, one can climb the highest mountain or dive into the deepest pit of the ocean. But no man will ever travel all roads.

Therefore travelling is not a mission that will ever be accomplished. There will never be fulfillment nor boredom. The road goes on forever and the source of inspiration will never cease.


May you never be tired




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Sanliurfa, Turkey

Diyarbakir, Turkey

Najran, Saudi Arabia

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tatev, Armenia

Wadi Dawn, Yemen

Zakho, Iraq

Susha, Azerbaijan

Crossing into Somalia my 100th country I visited

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Karima, Sudan

Tingri, Tibet

Yumbulagang, Tibet

Erbil, Iraq

Mardin, Turkey

Shibam, Yemen

Stepanakert, Azerbaijan

Sulaymaniah, Iraq

Bembeche, Chad

Najran, Saudi Arabia