Buenos Aires - The Blue and White Souls


Buenos Aires is a surprise. Nobody awaits this unbelievable grandeur so far away from the expected one. 15´000 kilometers from Paris you are expecting to have a glimpse of Montmartre just around the next street corner, when walking the boulevards of the Recoleta quarter. Chic boutiques, woman with their small dogs and elegant men wait in a coffeehouse for their Cafe-con-leche. After the economical breakdown a decade ago Buenos Aires experiences a new revival: Thousands of Brazilians flood the streets to enjoy the European character of the city and of course the very cheap prices due to the devaluation of the local peso. A fact that makes many Argentinian souls desperate. A desperation which leads also to the revival of the most elegant expression of desperation: the Tango. Walking south on Calle Florida beyond the Parliament you are entering the San Telmo district, old Buenos Aires with cobblestone streets, wonderful antique markets and many small bars and cafés, in which on small stages or direct between the audience men guide gently women with their hands and eyes to flow with the rhythm of solo guitars. Tango: A way to forget the desperation of life.