Bruges - De Halve Man


„When walking through the maze of alley of the old town finding your way is not easy and it doesn´t get easier, when you were meditating before over some beer“, the guy on the bar kicked my waist and smiled. His face was funny, especially with the big red nose in its centre. The bar at the Halve Man was serving thirsty customers since 1546 and I could not estimate how many drunken creatures were spilled out on the street with the same problem as I will have in a couple of hours. As this was in the far future I decided to think about solutions once the time comes. Now I had a freshly filled glass of the Straffe Hendrik brew in front of me and although it was only a small caliche I was not used to beer with more than ten percent alcohol. „The Straffe Hendrik can kill the most regular beer drinker with less than five glasses“, my neighbour explained. Therefore I was an easy victim. The bar tender came over, smiled and explained, that Bruges has a century old beer tradition, as for wine it was too cold. Somehow the people had to takle the usual grim misty weather especially in winter and the Halve Man delivered the medicine first in big barrels, then in masterly designed bottles. After two glasses the Straffe Hendrik won the battle and it was time to search my bed. Outside it was already dark and the dimly lit streets remembered me to Collin Farrell in the movie „In Bruges“. At that moment I crossed my fingers not to end up like he did, with his last words: I really really hoped I wouldn't die.