Granada - The Muslim Bastion


In 1248 Sevilla fell to the Castile army and from this date Granada was the last Muslim bastion on the Iberian peninsula, a bastion which existed another 200 years. During this time the city flourished as a centre of trade. Goods from Muslim nations across Africa were traded with the Castilian crown, and the wealth created was turned into wonderful architecture all over the city. Arab town-houses cluster the Albacin guarded by the almighty Alhambra. This palace of the Nasrid was actual a city within the city, with living quarters, prayer areas and of course the sanctuary for the Emir. I reached breathless the Mirador San Nicolas, from where an amazing view over the town opened up. I explored the city the whole day and while the sun was setting and the lights went up I really started to get hungry. Dinner at 9.30 is perfect and the best place was just some steps away at Carmen Mirador de Aixa. I entered the restaurant through a narrow wooden door, where behind a magnificent terrace was located. My table offered a wonderful view of the Alhambra and the perfectly grilled steak with a good glass of Ribeira was fitting perfect to the scenery. Some further steps from dinner was the Pena La Plateria, where on Thursday nights live flamenco from the local private Flamenco club was performed. The performances start around midnight with a long night ahead. Thank god it was Thursday.