Dimeka - The Jumping of the Bulls


Young Hamer females were dancing themselves into a state of trance and huge bowls of hot beer were passed between them. The metal rattles clung around there ankles made an intense sound, which was mixed with the sound of horns, they continuously blew. One female shared out of the group and danced in front of some boys sitting on the floor and by doing this she begged to be whipped. The girl was a relative of a very nervous boy hidden behind some Kalashnikovs. By getting whipped with a wooden stick, she showed her love to the boy, who shorty was turning to men by jumping over a horde of angry bulls. The ceremony was already in preparation and some brave guys were catching the bulls on their horns and tamed them with their sole body strength. Some other guys took the tail of the bulls and forced them that way to stand shoulder to shoulder to form a line. The girls were chanting, horn-blowing and leaping in a crease to cheer for the nervous boy. Finally he jumped completely naked onto the beasts from back to back and repeated this three more times. The successful bull jumper was afterwards welcomed to the group of young men leaping with their AK-47 guns to celebrate the arrival of a new individual into manhood.