Chichicastenango - Market Day


I was squeezed into a seat designed for two people together with three adults and two children. I understood now, why they call these vehicles chicken buses, maybe also because of the chicken running around between the passengers. The rattling engine was panting for air, when climbing up the winding road to Chichicastenango, the biggest market town in the cordilleras at an altitude of 2100m. The town was surrounded by valleys, with mountains serrating the horizons. Tomorrow was market day and the town was already preparing itself for the event. Plaza Major was swept by Mayan women and the Iglesia de Santo Thomas was busy with prayers. Around Plaza Major were already a lot of vendors selling the brightly colorful Mayan cloths and blankets. The Mayan culture is still very strong here in the highlands and the local people soaked the town into red and blue colors. I stayed directly at the Plaza Major and the sounds and smells of the activity from the Plaza spilled over the walls into the courtyard of my posada. While in my rocking chair the maid served me a drink and I got set back in time. A time which has not changed dramatically until today.