Isfahan - Half of the World


Isfahan is the Islamic centre of Persia, where the minarets of hundreds of mosques pierce the blue sky. During the Safavid rule the city entered a golden age and Shah Abbas started to built gardens, places and mosques of a scale never before seen. When I arrived by taxi after hours of driving through the barren desert it was for me, as for many other travellers before, a delight to wander the tree-lined streets with its relaxed atmosphere. From my hotel to the Imam Square, how the square is called since the revolution, it was therefore a pleasant stroll and once I entered this huge square the first time I was amazed by its size. Still today it is one of the biggest open city squares in the world, what should underline the dimensions Shah Abbas was thinking when designing his capital. The best place to enjoy the evening was in a traditional teahouse on top of the arcades of the bazaar, with a wonderful view to the Shah Mosque. The boy brought me some tea and a apple flavoured water-pipe, the perfect combination to see the sun set and hear the call for prayer over the square. Isfahan - Half of the World.