Bologna - Dinner at the Drogheria Della Rosa


"Prosecco?" we were asked and the glasses were filled without waiting for our answer. Before it was possible to complain about the overly filled cups the waiter swirled to the next table without touching one of the guests just taking off their heavy coats. The small trattoria was bursting with customers. There was no menu, as the patron personally went from table to table to tell every guest, what was on offer tonight. Always when he started with the "Ravioli con pomodoro fresco" the water in his mouth started to run and he had to concentrate not appear like a hungry wolf in front of the well-dressed guest. Another waiter appeared and dropped a plate of antipasti on our table. While the patron described the second course I took a bite of the wonderful juicy and sweet prosciutto crudo. Some olives had to follow and everything was washed down with the light, sparkling Prosecco di Conegliano. I had forgotten the patron for a moment and fortunately I could hear, that for the main a steak, soaked in Aceto Balsamico di Modena with some vegetables was on offer - I ordered without further explanation. However he could not resist to point out, that the pasta for the "Primi" was hand-made "Bolognese style". Meanwhile the waiter filled our glasses with some wonderful young red Sangiovese di Romagna as he saw we started to enjoy the parmigiano reggiano - just wonderful.

When walking afterwards through the arcades of the city, everybody recognizes how serious Bolognese take their food: Pasta and Prosciutto is offered in the shop windows like designer handbags and butchers and pescherias occupy the prime shopping locations near Piazza Maggiore: Bologna - La Grassa.