Matera - Sassi


I have travelled many times to Italy and I will never get tired to explore this fascinating country loaded with an unrivaled density of highlights. One of the most striking places to explore is the old city of Matera, which is one of the most magical places I have ever seen. Once I arrived in my hotel I throw my luggage onto the bed and climbed the steep stairs up to my terrace. Nothing can prepare you of the sheer beauty of the Sassi, the old town, which is entirely carved out of the limestone cliff of the Gravina river valley. Matera is one of the oldest settlements on this planet already inhabited during stone age. Some centuries ago, these cave dwellings should be removed by modern buildings, as it was a shame for modern Italy that people were still living in caves. Thankfully somehow this plan was given up and all the glory of the Sassi is still visible today. I had a walk around town, without a map and a plan. Getting lost is the best way to experience the Sassi. From the narrow alleys I was spilled out on Piazza Duomo at the right time to watch the sun setting over the valley. When the lights turned on the view over the city was magical. Certainly the Sassi of Matera are one of the great highlights of our world.