Kingston - Jamming


Big Baba has fired a new spliff, while the morning sun was warming the shelter filled with some other Rasta guys. Out of the radio Bob Marley requested "Get up, stand up for your rights". I didn´t have the feeling that someone around could do this either literally nor physically. The group was a mix of old and young and there eyes were telling stories of their Rastafarian origin. Rastas are living a life as vegetarians and deny the use of tobacco and alcohol - and use marijuana to bring them closer to god. The freedom of the individual is praised and Halie Selassie is their ultimate leader. An interesting combination considering that the King of Kings was unwilling to step down, although thousands of people died in protests against him in the middle of the 19th century. However, it seemed that nobody was really interested in these details anymore and two guys were waiving the green, yellow and red flag with the lion of Juda in the centre. Their dreadlocks were symbols of his mean.  The radio was now transmitting the request of Peter Tosh to "Legalize Marijuana". When I saw in the faces of the guys, I don't think they are good arguments to get this request materialized. However it again seemed, that nobody was interested in that detail. Details obviously can't disturb a real Rastafarian jamming.