Tokyo - The Capital Of The World Tsukiji market, 5.a.m. Tsukiji is Tokyos fish market, a huge place, where more than 2000 tons of fish are traded every day. Boats are arriving and people are moving with trolleys, forklifts and hand carts around, everything full of fish. The restaurants are already in preparation for opening and the chefs queuing to get the best products for their dishes. Here the competitions between the restaurants is fierce, as there are eateries at every corner, selling the best and freshest fish available. The tuna is legendary and therefore the buying is a matter of its own. The auction is in full swing. Each tuna is checked for its quality by the buyers and the best quality sells for thousands of Euros per fish. The yearly turnover of the market is more than 5 billion Euros fuelling the more than 1 million restaurants of this megalopolis. The market is the biggest in the world. Tokyo is gigantic in every meaning: 35 million people living in the metropolitan area. 40 million train rides daily, 882 train stations on 127 lines. Shinjuku station, the busiest transport hub in the world serving more than 3.5 million people a day, Shibuya crossing, where a mere 100´000 people are counted every hour. This city is urbanization at its maximum. Tokyo is the capital of the world in every meaning: culture, gigantism, modernism and style. Everybody is there and has to be there. At least once in a lifetime.