Basseterre - Rainbow Country


The sail down from Saint Eustatius to Saint Kitts island was short, as the wind was strong and thirst for some urban action big. St. Kitts is an island with an ever changing history of occupation and liberation by the French and British. Brimstone Fortress high on a cliff in the north of the island is the testimony of that, as well as the capital Basseterre, with a French name, but a British face. The island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis tries to make it by its own since 1983, when it was release by the British crown into independence. Since then St. Kitts and Nevis is one of the smallest nations in the world with only 56´000 people. Basseterre its capital counts about 13´000, while the second biggest place Charlestown on Nevis only 1´700. However though its small size Basseterre brims with life and a lot of drinking holes are advertising their rum menu on small chalk boards. Life is towards the sea and the break is hearable though the busy traffic. I joined the local crowd on one of the outside tables around the Main Circus, when one girl, obviously the waitress, asked me “whood kinda rom you drenkn´?“ I didn´t understand anything and asked the guy next to me, what kind of language she´s speaking? „Anglisch, borthr´“, he answered and ordered for me the local Belmont rum. „Let´s doo some rom drenkn´“ he pat me on the back and with the glass in my hand I joined the jamming.