Pyongyang - The Leader


The revolutionary career of Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Workers´ Party of Korea, the eternal President of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and the father of socialist Korea, was a noble life of a gifted ideologist and theoretician, an outstanding politician, an unexcelled military strategist, an exemplar of leadership and a benevolent father of the people, a life that flowed together with the current of the 20th century.

Having embarked on the road of the revolution in his teens, Kim Il Sung led the unprecedentedly difficult and complicated Korean revolution to a brilliant victory until he was in his eighties, achieving the liberation of the country, building a most beneficial, people-centered socialism in Korea and rendering distinguished service to the development of the world revolution.

For the immortal exploits he perfumed for the times and history in his effort to consummate the revolutionary cause of Juche and the cause of global independence, he will always live in the hearts of mankind as the sun of Juche.