Travelling large distances overland, without using any planes, brings a traveller closest to what travelling used to be. In former times travelling needed a lot of time, while today with jetplans bringing someone in a few hours everywhere, travelling is possible for everybody anytime. Visiting countries like Japan or Australia needed before months to only reach these places and the idea of sitting in a plane, flying 10 hours across Asia and knowing this huge distance I already travelled by trains, buses, pick-ups, trucks shows the huge amount of hours I already spent on the road. Since 1996 I covered on the Overland Trail 25000 kilometers from Addis Ababa until Jekaterinburg, with endless branches off the main route. Overland travel is the toughest way to cover distances in Africa and most of Asia, because of the diabolic roads, bandits and limited transport. Lets see if I can complete the Capetown to Hokkaido and Nordkap route. A huge part I already could do, but as always there is a lot more to come.


The Overland Trail:

Kampala - Goma - Kigali - Mwanza - Nairobi - Addis Ababa - Hargeisa - Djibouti - Sana´a - Muscat - Dubai - Bandar e Abbas - Teheran - Ashgabad - Tashkent - Osh - Dushanbe - Kunduz - Kabul - Peshawar - Delhi - Varanasi - Kathmandu - Lhasa - Kunming - Hongkong - Shanghai - Beijing - Pyongyang - Seoul - Busan - Fukuoka - Osaka - Tokyo - Sapporo