Ohrid -  Balkan Dreams


The rain splashed horizontally into my face and fog was creeping through the narrow alleys of the town. The balconies of the houses were touching the dark clouds. My bag was completely wet. At the doorstep of the guesthouse Mr. Salimovic greeted me warmly. The wooden floor of my room was covered with a wonderful carpet and Ottoman furniture was grouped around an old chimney. My host already brought wood to make fire and I got out of my wet clothes. Down was the Sveti Sofija Restaurant. Ohrid trout, the local speciality was on the menu today and I ordered it Ohrid style, with garlic and chili, everything roasted over the open fire to perfection. A great gathering of locals with loud laughs, trompete music and a lot of raki and wine filled the Sveti Sofija this evening. Thankfully the way into my bed was short and the room warm. Some hours later the sun was shining in my face. I crawled onto the balcony from where the view was majestic. The red-tile roofs of the town houses seemed to slide into the crystal clear blue lake. The mountains around were green and the church bells called for the prayers. I agreed with Mr. Kralev the night before to go out with him on the lake. We were chugging along the lake shore with his small boat and when the view opened to the church of Sveti Jovan, situated on a rocky cliff highly over the lake all Balkan dreams came true.