Macchu Picchu - Inca Myths


Macchu Picchu can get very crowded and there is a reason why. This ancient Inca city was never discovered by the Spanish invaders and has kept its original shape since its constructions in 1450. The only invader was the jungle around, who overgrown the city after the Inca empire has fallen. Now the ruins are beautifully restored and the combination of ancient ruins, a wonderful setting and the myths of the old Incas is attrakting every day thousand of tourists to this remote corner of the Andes. Therefore I expected not to be alone. However I tried to circumnavigate the worst of the crowds by selecting viewpoints with steep ascends and times of the day, when people are normally lazy. I started before dawn and walked up the steep hill from Aquas Caliente. When reaching the gates of the city already the first buses arrived and it was time to climb further uphill. I wanted to find a spot to see the complete ruins without too many people around me. I trekked up the steep path to Macchu Picchu mountain, which was the perfect way to see the misty clouds surrounding the ruins, while the rising sun came up over the peaks behind. At a cliff at the top I got over the clouds, which were were covering the ruins below. Later the strong sunshine pushed the clouds away and gave a magnificent view to the ruins. On the other side the snow covered peaks of the Andes were visible. A perfect place to enjoy the scenery for a while. Down the valley the Inca trail was visible, on which the Inca traders and warriors were traveling south to Cuzco. This wonderful morning made clear, why Macchu Picchu is on every travellers itinerary.