Grand Sœur Island - An Unknown Legend


The best places on earth are unknown, difficult to reach and therefore deserted. To get thrilled by a place there always has to be a first surprise. The feeling to see something like this the first time. Something extraordinary. Something you will always remember. Something completely unexpected. Before you reach a place, there is always an imagination, which drives you to go there. Extraordinary places are never imaginable. Eddy woke me up on the steering wheel of our catamaran. He remembered me that it was time to find a spot to throw the anchor. Grand Sœur Island was in front of us and the glowing red sun in our backs. I could feel, that something extraordinary awaits us, Grand Sœur was a legendary island far out in the Seychelles archipelago with everything available to be a true paradise: the beach powdery white sand, palm trees all over, round granite boulders touching the crystal clear waters, turtles swimming everywhere and nobody else than us, no hotels, no phone network, no people… „Lets have a barbecue on the beach“ I suggested. „Sure“… and Eddy was ready with some steaks and ice cold beer. Deep in the ice box was a last bottle of Champagne… just in case. All of us jumped into the the warm sea and Eddy followed with the dingy. The sun set. The moon came up. The fire flickered and some bottles cracked. We were sitting in the sand at one of the most beautiful ends of the world far away from the buzz… or actually right in the heart of it… Grand Sœur, an unknown legend.