Kabushiya - The Pyramids


The sun was already low but that glowing ball in my back drove the temperature still above 40 degrees. The road was a pothole filled dirt track passable only with a good Landcruiser. I was not prepared to arrive soon at one of the most magnificent archeological sites in the world: The Pyramids of Meroe. The pyramids were the necropolis of the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kuch, a Nubian empire flourishing around 500 BC. The reminders of this civilizations are hundreds of pyramids scattered around the sand dunes of the Sahara. Some locals on their camels were camping below a small rock cliff with their camels. They greeted us, by standing on their saddles. Travellers are a rare sight in this region. After climbing the hill, we found a good camping spot behind some stones. To be safe of the wind is crucial in the desert, as sand storms are common. Without wind protection a short storm can bury the tent easily a half meter with sand. Now there was no wind, it was totally quiet. The pyramids below seemed like sailing boats in a sea of red sand. The moon came up and I soon felt asleep, dreaming of never ending Saharan adventures.