Karima - Up the Nile


The trip up the Nile took me already some weeks and particularly the boat ride over Lake Nasser was exhausting. During the day the heat was strong and the night was freezing cold, especially as I was living on deck sharing the space with hundreds of traders. From Wadi Halfa to Karima the road was terrible and only from here tarmac made the journey much easier and faster southwards. Therefore there was a kind of hope in this place, from those going south who managed the northern missing infrastructure and from those going north where the real adventure starts. I was one of the travellers going south and I really loved the feeling that the next days my back will have a break from day-long shaking rides. Actually I really enjoyed Karima an unusual pleasant place in the middle of the desert. There was less presence of police and army here, what gave the town a relaxed atmosphere. Especially when walking along the shore of the Nile, the lifeline of the city. There were also some interesting pyramids and some graves around town to be explored. But certainly the highlight for me here was to relax in the little courtyard of my hotel over a good book. The time was coming soon that my bones were shaking again in an overloaded vehicle somewhere in Africa.