Saint Louis - Madame Lô


It was a hot day and as most locals I crossed the Pont Faidherbe to the island by foot. Saint Louis was the first French settlement in Africa and the location on a piece of flat land in an inland lagoon just at the coast was stunning. The city was a maze of old colonial buildings wonderfully neglected by their inhabitants. The salty wind, the burning sun as well as the slow pace of life made it difficult to keep the buildings in shape. But the combination of all this makes Africa for me that interesting. Here the people life for now, nobody is too much interested in the past or in the future and this completely different view on things makes traveling here a lesson for life. On the island I walked down the dusty alleys towards the Hôtel La Palmeraie, a comfortable place with rooms facing the lagoon. On the terrace was a small pool and two waiters were serving the talkative crowed at the bar. The sun was already low and the sea breeze brought some cool air to the otherwise musty town. Madame Lô, the owner of the property asked me, about my well-being and what else should I answer with my ice cold Bière Gazelle in my hand and the sound of Youssou N´Dour of a talented young guitar player in my ears than brilliant? She had a seat and asked me about my route. North to Mauritania towards the sands of the Sahara. What else she could answer than wonderful.