Aleppo - Rising Again


It was a hot, when our car was rushing through the pitch-black night towards Aleppo. On our way we passed through numerous roadside towns without power. Only the headlamps of the car gave a glimpse of the destruction the years of turmoil had brought to the country. Almost every town was destroyed and only shattered ruins were left from the fierce battles the region suffered. Aleppo was one of the centre of these battles and my heart was sad, when thinking about my memories of past visits. What happened to the thriving markets, the century old buildings and the friendly locals filling the streets of the city with life?

I was somehow afraid of the dawn to get the answer. There is unbelievable destruction: the old town with its arcades is almost completely destroyed by the shelling. Nearly every building is affected by mortar attacks, rockets and bombs. Crumbling ruins are visible at every street corner. However when I walked through town I could also see a lot of rebuilding. Shops were reopened and buildings are under repair. Within the ruins a spirit of hope was undeniable. Especially from the locals. Aleppo suffered many defeats in his long history, but was always rising again.