Homs - A Destroyed Dream


In generosity and helping others

Be like a river

In compassion and grace

Be like the sun

In concealing others´ faults

Be like night

In anger and fury

Be like dead

In modesty and humility

Be like earth

In tolerance

Be like a sea

Either exist as you are

Or be as you look


(Rumi 1207 - 1273)


I embraced them all. I had to leave. About what we were talking ? Some parts of the conversation I can't remember. Some details I forgot. I will long for the eyes, in which all the disappointment and patience of this city will be reflected. The city I passed without noticing it. The city which means today so much to me. This legendary city, a symbol of the struggle of freedom: Homs.

I can't say if that what we have done was right. Everything has developed differently than expected and planned. I will have a last glimpse back. Maybe I will never return and if I will, I will be horribly isolated - without my friends. Stop. Stay with me. Embraced me as long as possible. My former life lies behind me. Now the time has come to remember and look back on what had happen. Homs - a destroyed dream. Everything is a pile of rubble soaked in blood and bullets. Homs is bleeding but has not fallen.

                                                                                                                                       (Talal Derki)