Salal - Northbound


The wind was blowing the sand horizontally into my face. Salal seemed like an oasis to take shelter but when I entered the town, life seems to be normal. Nobody recognized the wind and the sand. It seemed to be normal. A guy with a white turban greeted me and showed me the way to a mud-brick house full of goods. "What do you need for your way north?". This is the last town before the Grand Dunes of Erg Djourab. To Faya its a 4 day journey without any supplies on the way - 4 days if there are no problems, but I am in Africa. Batteries, a camel hair blanket and some biscuits found the way into my bag. Water was available at the well at the edge of town and unfortunately there was a huge herd of camels watered. Camels can drink hundred of liters and it took time until all of them were satisfied for their journey north. After the camels the goats pressed forward as they were the next. There were about 200 of them. After about an hour it was the turn of the herders and I was invited to drink. Not surprisingly the water was very sandy, but nevertheless it was wonderful to drink something. I filled my bottles and the women passed me a cup of tea. The tea was boiled with sugar and mint and was viscous like honey and very substantial. A cup normally has to last for a day until the next one: At dinner. Time to head north.