Taipei - Eating Out


Taiwan is off the road, an almost forgotten island in the shadow of the Chinese mainland. Its capital Taipei is however a quiet cosmopolitan place and different to its big neighbour. Taiwanese have their indigenous culture, which differs a lot from the Chinese mainland. Although Chinese characters are everywhere visible, you feel, that you are in other place than China. This is also recognised in its food and how it is prepared. Taiwanese, like Chinese in general find any kind of creatures eatable, but the style of the dishes on the island is unique, same as the style the islanders like to eat. Not in fancy restaurants but in crowded open air markets full of different food stalls each preparing dishes in different style and ingredients. Eating here is also a good option for me, as it is easy to check, what goes into your dinner. Not that this is always good, but normally there is always something acceptable available. To make my choice I just point on the pot I want and within some seconds a bowl is passed to me. I got a seat on a set of plastic chairs in the centre of the alley and together with the local crowd I inserted a hot stew of noodles with some interestingly tasting meat. Actually I didn't see any meat at the stand itself. Now with some meat in my bowl I was shy to ask what it is, not just because of the language barrier, but mainly because of receiving an unexpected answer. Eating Out here is not about asking what you eat, but enjoy the flavours of something you never have eaten before and maybe will never eat again.