Kingstown - Hold your own


Our 380 lagoon catamaran was ready at the jetty and it was time to charter for the provisioning for the next two weeks sailing the Grenadine islands down to Grenada. We planned our diet with a lot of fresh fish, but also some steaks. The central market of Kingstown was full of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, a perfect place to shop. Additionally we had two huge fishing rods on board, which should make sure that the catch of the day was enough for all of us ten. Important was of course to charter for enough drinks and, men I tell you, the sea breeze makes thirsty. Two things have to be on board of a Caribbean cruise: beer and rum. We chartered a lot of it. The boat should not run dry, in the truest sense of word. Once everything was stowed we joined the locals, who were standing around some ice boxes full of cold beer. The local brew is Hairoun, very refreshing if ice cold. The sun slowly kissed the horizon and Reggae music was gently filling the streets. The beer caps clanked on the asphalt, definitely time for your own ice cold Hairoun. Following the posters hanging everywhere: Hairoun - Hold your own. How true this got.